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Intellectual Property

Loloçi & Associates is one of the best-known law firms in the Albanian market for handling intellectual property of all types.
The firm offers legal services in the field of intellectual property, both industrial property (patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographic indications and designations of origin), and copyright.

The firm provides broad protection of intellectual property rights at a high standard for a significant number of clients from all over the world.
In protecting such rights, the firm has closely followed and deals with the changing national legal acts, as well as the international legal acts ratified and recognized in Albania. It pays special attention to compliance with all recognized standards already established and which are observed by international and national entities, working closely with the government’s General Directorate of Industrial Property (GDIP).
The firm has continuously and actively contributed in the development of the intellectual property field in Albania, publishing a number of articles and other publications such as “Trademarks – Part I” (2014), “Compulsory licensing in Europe, A country-by-country overview 2018” – a publication of the European Patent Academy, and other publications.
Services offered by the firm in this area are very broad, fully covering the field of intellectual property rights, such as:


  •  Legal counseling and assistance with respect to the implementation and enforcement of the evolving copyright laws;
  •  Representing subjects before the Copyright Directorate, National Council of Copyright, arbitration and the courts.

Industrial property
For industrial property objects, such as patents, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, geographic indications (international or national) and designations of origin, the firm offers the following basic services:

  •  Submitting (international or national) applications for the registration of any industrial property objects and following legal proceedings until the completion of the registration;
  • Handling patent extensions and validation;
  • Taking care with respect to all kinds of renewals and annuities;
  • Registering license agreements, pledges, property transfers, changes of name and/or address, and other actions related to such objects;
  •  Performing searches;
  •  Preparing opinions or reports

Representing national and foreign subjects before courts and any other state and public authorities having to do with intellectual property rights.

Domain names

The firm also submits requests for the registration and renewal of domain names before the responsible regulatory agency, as well as following all legal proceedings until the completion of the registration or renewal.